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Our Service Department

St. John's Staff

International DPF Cleaning Interval: 400,000 KM or 6000 hrs - depending on application

Cummins DPF Cleaning Interval: 320,000 KM

Low Soot Load

When the DPF reaches the Low Soot Level, the DPF Lamp will illuminate, indicating that DPF Regeneration is required. Start Parked Regeneration to prevent loss of Engine Power.

Medium Soot Load

When the DPF is almost full the DPF Lamp will begin to flash. The Operatot should pull the vehicle safely off the roadway and start Parked Reneration to avoid loss of engine power..

Full Soot Load

When the DPF becomes so full that it causes engine performance to be limited, the yellow "Amber Watning" lamp will illuminate and the DPF lamp will continue to flash. The Engine may moderately de-rate or lose power. The Operator should pull the vehicle safely off the roadway and start Parked Regeneration to prevent the engine from stopping.

Over-Full Soot Load

If the DPF is allowed to become full, the "RED STOP" lamp will illuminate, and the engine may shut down soon. Pull the vehicle safely off the roadway and stop the engine. Do not use Parked Regeneration. Call for Service.

Warning Lamps

Amber Warning Lamp
The Amber Warning Lamp will illuminate whem a non-emmissions fault is detected in the engine control system.Note: The Amber triangle will also illumate for chassis related faults.
Malfunction Indicator Lamp
the Malfunction Indicator Lamp will Illuminate when an emmissions fault is detected in the engine control system
Red Stop Lamp
The Red Stop Lamp will illuminate when a critical engine conditionis detected by the engine control system.(Coolant over Temp., Low Oil Preasure, Low Coolant Level, Critically over-Loaded DPF)

Corner Brook Staff

Greg Hynes
Senior Diagonistics Support Specialist
25 Years Experience in Truck & Heavy Equiptment
Red Seal Truck & Transport Mechanic
International Diamond Certified - Truck & Bus
Eaton Road Ranger Certification
Navcol Certification