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DPF EGR cleaning

1-888-HARVEY3 (1-800-427-8393) or email tmorgan@harveyco.com to schedule this important maintenance

DPF Cleaning at Harvey and Company. Through, convenient and economical too!

In simple terms, every diesel engine put on the market since 2007 has a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). A great invention to lower diesel engines emissions but one that needs maintenance too! Every 250,000KM for heavy trucks and even sooner for vehicles that operate at lower speeds or are frequently left idling.Prevention is the cure! Have your DPF regularly checked and cleaned to ensure ideal engine performance and avoid catastrphic failure that could cost you up to $20,000.

Harvey and Company, St. John’s are the Atlantic Canada leader in DPF cleaning. We have the most advanced system made by industry leader FSX and can ensure the highest quality service possible. Drop-off, drive-through or couriered in, all DPF filers receive prompt attention and are quickly restored for reinstallation to comply with all emissions standards.

Over 1,000 DPFs have come through our shop and been cleaned. Our experience has led us to the conclusion that not only one technology or cleaning method can be applied to all DPFs. For that reason, we use multiple technologies and methods to ensure the DPFs we service get cleaned sufficiently and safely. Pictured above is the FSX DPF Cleaning System utilized by .

If you need a DPF cleaned, please contact your local Harvey and Company branch to make sure we can clean the product you own. We offer the following DPF cleaning services:

  • On-site cleaning for retrofit DPFs
  • On-site cleaning for 2007 and newer Cummins DPFs
  • Cummins ReCon exchange DPFs for 2007 and newer Cummins DPFs
  • Ability to clean all makes and models of DPFs – OEM and retrofit DPFs

For more information, contact the service representative at Harvey and Company!